Opportunity Zones

3 Census Tracts


Wenatchee/Chelan County is centrally located in Washington and a highly desirable place to live, do business, and recreate!  Our region offers diverse investment opportunities in a rapidly growing economy and appreciating environment.

 Now is the perfect time to invest!!!


City of Wenatchee

Downtown, Waterfront, & South Wenatchee 


Wenatchee is passing the tipping point in terms of growth and development.  The City and community is proactive in embracing this growth to shape our city for a vibrant future.

The City welcomes public private partnerships, especially for housing projects, and offers incentives such as historic tax credits, multifamily tax exemptions, and development agreements.

Take advantage of our momentum and property value appreciation!


  • Vibrant Downtown/Public Market/Grocery

  • Permit ready – flexible zoning

  • Low cost utilities and fully utilized property with water, sewer, storm, fiber, and power.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and strength.


  • Housing – Vacant upstairs space.  New multifamily. High rents drive downtown projects.

  • Properties are ready for redevelopment.

  • Co-working, Historic building class A office, waterfront office/residential.

  • Makerspace/Charter School/Incubators

South Chelan County

Malaga/Alcoa Area 


Malaga, just south of Wenatchee, is the location in Chelan County with the greatest open land development potential.



  • Adjoins BNSF Railway:  

  • Close to locally owned Rock Island Dam

  • Landscapes and rural residential opportunities

  • Tree fruit Industry (Cherries)

  • Mission Ridge Ski Resort


  • Existing industrial parks

  • Over 2,300 acres of industrial land

  • ALCOA – Wenatchee Works redevelopment potential

  • Mission Ridge expansion

  • Agricultural support businesses


Craig Larsen
Port of Chelan County